Winter Garden: The Character
Life sometimes moves so fast that we don't get the chance to take in the beauty of out surroundings. Small town to big city the unique atmosphere and aroma of each locale is there to be discovered, all you have to do is stop put the phone down and soak it all in.
The smell of freshly ground coffee beans and keyboard keys being clacked. The chatter of the people around you as the find out who's coming to the next get-together at *insert names* place.
The flowers. Blossoming in the heat of summer and glowing white like the hot sun. 
Cigar and cigarette smoke by the Brewery after a drink. The clove and ash hitting your sense your nose tingling as you pass by. 
The laughter of battle-hardened children dirty from war with each other. Winding up for another round but not until after that slice of pizza.  
What an amazing place. 
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