My Journey as a Photographer
By Sasha G. 
Since the first time I held a camera, to my first professional photography job, I have been on a non-stop journey. I remember the first time a started taking images with purpose I was around 20 years old, I didn't start young like some older more successful photographers would say, and I was taking pictures of the outdoors by the Lakes in Clermont, Florida. 
I was enamored with the calm waters of the lakes and the wonderful hills all around. I can't begin to describe to you the beautiful sunsets that take place around the waterfronts but they are absolutely gorgeous and I started to try capturing those as well, all with my phone at the time which was an iPhone 6 Plus.
The next few years I kept snapping away on my phone trying to one-up the last selfie and getting more creative with my shots, but something was missing. Up until then I only cared about getting a passable photo for Instagram, I could really care less about trying to capture something real or something that could tell a story. 
During my Uncle's wedding, I noticed the photographer taking pictures of the groomsman and I was probably way too curious about what made his work different from what I could do with my phone. I asked him to show me how to take a better photo. And he took my phone and snapped a  quick photo of me getting ready and the image he left me with might not have been to crazy but to me it inspired me to pursue photography. Encouragement from my family turned interest into passion and eventually, into a profession. Now I've taken several clients and I'm continuing to grow and learn on this journey into the photography industry and between you and me, I wouldn't change it for the world.
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